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From tailor.


নামবাচক বিশেষ্য[সম্পাদনা]

Taylor (বহুবচন Taylors)

  1. A ইংরেজি and Scottish উপনাম originating as an occupation for a tailor.
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  3. (rare) A উপনাম from Irish [in turn originating as an occupation], an anglicization of Táilliúir (tailor).

নামবাচক বিশেষ্য[সম্পাদনা]


  1. A suburb of Canberra, Australia; named for architect Florence Mary Taylor.
  2. A town in British Columbia, Canada; named for trapper Herbert Taylor.
  3. A locale in US.
    1. A city in Michigan; named for Zachary Taylor, 12th president of the United States.
    2. A city in Texas; named for railroad official Edward Moses Taylor.
    3. A city in Arkansas.
    4. A city in North Dakota; named for railroad official David R. Taylor.
    5. A town in Alabama; named for an early settler family.
    6. A town in Arizona; named for John Taylor, 3rd President of the LDS Church.
    7. A town in Mississippi; named for early settler John Taylor.
    8. A town in New York; named for Zachary Taylor.
    9. A village, the county seat of Loup County, Nebraska; named for early settler Ed Taylor.
    10. A village in Wisconsin.
    11. A borough of Pennsylvania.
    12. A census-designated place in Wyoming.
    13. An unincorporated community in Indiana.
    14. An unincorporated community in Louisiana.
    15. An unincorporated community in Maryland.
    16. An unincorporated community in Beckham County, Oklahoma; named for postmaster Jeremiah H. Taylor.
    17. An unincorporated community in Cotton County, Oklahoma; named for local merchant John Taylor.
    18. A ghost town in Washington.
    19. A number of townships in the USA, listed under Taylor Township.

Usage notes[সম্পাদনা]

  • Popular given name at the turn of the 21st century, in the US mostly নারী, in Britain more often পুরুষ.

বিকল্প বানান[সম্পাদনা]


  • (surname meaning "tailor"): Snyder

উদ্ভূত শব্দ[সম্পাদনা]

সম্পর্কিত পদ[সম্পাদনা]



  • According to the 2010 United States Census, Taylor is the 17th most common surname in the United States, belonging to 751,209 individuals. Taylor is most common among White (65.4%) and Black/African American (28.4%) individuals.
  • Taylor is the 4th most common surname in the United Kingdom, belonging to 262,832 individuals.



ইংরেজি Taylor থেকে [[পরিশিষ্ট:শব্দকোষ#|]].


  • আধ্বব(চাবি): /tɛj.lɔʁ/, /tej.lɔʁ/, /tɛj.lœʁ/, /tej.lœʁ/

নামবাচক বিশেষ্য[সম্পাদনা]


  1. a উপনাম from ইংরেজি
  2. লুয়া ত্রুটি মডিউল:names এর 596 নং লাইনে: অনির্ণীত লিঙ্গ: পুরুষবাচক।